Web Domination

“Few businesses have tapped into the full potential of a comprehensive web strategy — which gives a huge advantage to those that have wisely optimized their online presence positioning themselves now and well ahead of the pack.”

Marketing used to be straight forward, but now with social media overtaking and gutting traditional channels, nothing is cut and dry anymore.

Print, radio, and television are chasing behind the unruly world of social media where brands find themselves on a level playing field with the grumpiest of consumers. It’s treacherous out there.


Overarching Strategy

To get results, to engage your customers, to attract and retain new ones you need the new tools of the new trade.

ReputationBeast offers integrated solutions to put you way ahead of the game so you can keep your eye on your business.


The World As It Was

Your existing website is probably pretty enough. But, as a business tool, more likely than not, it’s like most websites – not even close to pulling its own weight.


Long gone are the days when your online image was set by the one you glorified on your website.


A sampling of small business searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., found that 80% of search results did not point to the websites of those businesses. Instead, they pointed to what’s posted on social networks and consumer review sites.1


Ubiquitous Presence

Simply put, you’re all over the web now but it’s not all under your control.


This means it can’t just be about your website anymore… it’s about your web presence. It’s about establishing your brand across multiple platforms around clear, synchronized messages giving your brand the weight of authority it needs to stand out above the noise – to be rewarded by search engines with a coveted spot on page one search results.


Web Domination

It’s time to dominate above your competition – to drive up your web authority by optimizing your presentation to suit current market realities across all the important platforms.


  • Your website should feed search engines exactly what they need to see in order to put you at the top of search results.
  • Your social media pages need to be optimized and pumped up with the weight of authority for ranking at the top of searches.
  • Your presence on directory/review sites is critical to your competitive position and should also be optimized and pumped up for search ranking results.
  • Citations should be ubiquitous and synchronized across all platforms.
  • Your web presence should be responsive and engaging on laptops, tablets and be especially smartphone friendly.


The bottom line is you need a web domination strategy — a seamless, integrated presentation across all fronts. Your web site, your Google Maps listing, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp page, Yahoo Local, CitySearch page, Google and Bing profiles, when set up properly give your brand the authority it needs in order to get offered up as the most relevant solution anytime a customer looks for a solution anywhere online.


Additionally, each industry has specific review sites that must be reined in and optimized around your priorities.


There is a lot that can be done to boost your brand’s success in today’s marketplace. Fortunately, the benefits are almost exaggerated because right now, the majority of businesses are focused on doing more of what’s less effective every day instead of looking up and taking corrective action now.


Be First to Market Among Your Competitors

The first-movers are reaping the rewards today. But, as you’ll see it’s not a matter of knee-jerk reaction but rather a matter of setting priorities and moving ahead methodically. We go after what gives you the quickest and greatest return on your investment and add to it systematically over time.


The changes taking place are not a passing fad. Those who assume so are setting themselves up for limited options when the inevitable need to act becomes urgent, more expensive, and less effective.


Let us help you position your brand to begin enjoying the rewards of early adopters. Position your business now rather than scrambling later and playing catch-up. Get in front of your competition and seize more opportunities with a well planned, well executed web domination strategy starting today.


ReputationBeast is your online partner providing expertise that helps you get the most out of your brand’s potential.


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1 Marchex marketing products