Turning Customer Feedback Into Pure Profit!
  • Pull positive feedback your way like a magnet

  • Neutralize negative feedback beforehand

  • Get more positive reviews, higher ratings

  • Reputation-driven sales and marketing  

Something you should know…



“For every $1 you spend on advertising, your social media strategy (or lack of one) could be costing you $3 to $10 in sales.

(LocalVox Marketing)

…it’s time to unleash the RatingBeast

Think about it…

When a business has an
almost perfect five-star rating,
you know it’s a sure winner.

You also know… only a fool
would hire a lawyer, trust a doctor, or
eat in a place with just a 1 or 2 star rating.


Ratings can make or break a business

Oh, how the world has changed…

“88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.”

(BrightLocal 2016)

“Growth in review sites such as Yelp, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, et al, is exploding. Yelp reviews alone grew 41% last year.”

(Yelp 2017)

“93% of people who check out businesses on review sites typically make purchases at the businesses that stand out in their search.”

(Column Five Media)

“90% of Yelp users say positive reviews affect their purchases.”

(Yelp 2017)

“84% of consumers said they were more likely to check online reviews prior to making a purchase.”

(Yelp 2016)

“Prominently displayed negative reviews on a review site are enough to make people pass on what you’re offering.”

(Yelp 2017)


taking charge!

With RatingBeast not only can you dominate on the social media review sites but automatically turn them into your best traffic and sales generators at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Okay, but, what exactly is
a Social Media Review Site ?

A social media review site is an online directory where people search and review almost every type of business ranging from sushi bars to mechanics, to dentists that are open on Saturday.

…and there are a ton of them!

SPOILER ALERT: Your business is already listed  on many of these sites, whether you like it or not.


One of the most popular review sites is Yelp, and only 20% of Yelp reviews are for restaurants.

All customer-facing businesses are facing reviews.


Every day, more consumers are reading and writing online reviews for more kinds of local businesses.

How Your Star rating affects your customer…

A quick search on your smartphone… What shows up first?


Star rating = bottom Line


“It is a fact that restaurants with a slight half-star improvement in ratings can increase sales during peak dining hours by 63 percent!”

(Localvox.com study)


“A one star increase in rating translates into 5-9% increase in revenue.”

(Harvard Business Review)

Star Rating = bottom line

Said another way

“A one star difference in the rating average can make a 5-19% difference in top line revenue, depending on the study!”

(Localvox.com study)


The Trust Factor

But, it’s not only the star rating  that matters.

  • How many ratings are there in total?

  • Are the ratings consistent?

  • How recent are the reviews

  • Are the most recent reviews good or bad

Rating Beast solves all these problems automatically

….and it solves the problem everywhere else…



With dozens of social media review sites to track down, claim, update and curate, it’s no wonder why most small businesses would rather put it off or ignore it altogether. Solve it!


Use Rating Beast, our simple-to-use patented system. You’ll be relieved to know review sites reflect you at your best. No stress, no overthinking. It just works.


Leave it to the Beast

Reputation Beast has a history of successful  retail bricks-and-mortar as well as internet- based business experience. Out of our need  for tools in managing the account of an $10,000,000 top-rated (top 10 out of 790)1 restaurant group in Florida, Reputation Beast developed a unique system for managing social media reviews: a one-of-a-kind breakthrough system so unique, Reputation Beast holds a U.S. patent on the process.

1 TripAdvisor 2014

What’s in it for me?

While most reputation management services focus on responding to reviews after the fact, our patented 5-Star system covers the entire process, particularly the critical “before” as well as after.before

Reputation Beast Delivers

  • Captures negative feedback and  keeps it in-house so you can nip problems in the bud .

  • Track your own in-house 5-star ratings for real-time feedback

  • Lowers the number of negative reviews posted on review sites

  • Increases the number of positive reviews posted on review sites.

  • Increases the overall number of reviews posted on review sites.

  • Improves rating average by at least half to one full star over time.

  • User-friendly system (users own cell phone) dramatically increases real-time, actionable feedback from customers


…and the results?


Client A

Sales up
14% over
last year.
Social activity
up, as is overall
rating and

Client B

Sales up 12%
over last year.
Social activity
is up, ratings are
consistently high,
problems resolved
with less venting
on TripAdvisor,
Yelp, Facebook, etc.



Fast Food 80 Seats
I love to walk into the dining area and surprise guests when they rate us or ask questions. Rating Beast gets us a lot more traffic and better ratings than before.
Mike C
Fast Food 80 Seats
An especially unkind reviews was clearly affecting patients. RatingBeast now keeps a flow of fresh and fair reviews streaming in.
Dr. Alberto M.
Top Bar/Restaurant
You can’t improve what you can’t measure. We can track performance and improve service across the board with RatingBeast using customer feedback as never before.
Andy J. manager
Top Bar/Restaurant

Time to get a move on

like, now…Runners

A BIA/Kelsey study revealed that small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. are expected to spend $700 million over the next year on online reputation management tools, platforms, and services.

(Wall Street Journal)

Get into the game and ahead of your competition…Now!


Here is what you get…

Unique SMS Number

You get use of your own 10 digit number unique to your company.  Customers prefer to send a text message to a regular phone number rather than to a 5 digit code.  It’s more personal and familiar.

Master Dashboard

Monitor all customer messages and manager’s responses in real time. Respond directly from the dashboard – answer questions, resolve complaints. See reports. Access from any Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone.

Team Coverage

Up to 3 cell phones can receive and respond to customer’s messages – the big boss.  the day manager and the night manager. Days and times can be set to fit schedules. Additional phones can be added for a nominal fee.

500 Messages included

You get 500 messages per month included in your RatingBeast Normal Package, which is more than enough for most businesses. Unused messages rollover for 2 months. Packages for power users are available for greater savings.

Single Included

We’ll supply you with attractive signage appropriate for your industry: 1 window cling, 10 standard postcard size signs and 50 business-size Star Cards. Access templates for your industry in our member library.

Training & Support

The easy part is showing you how to set up and use RatingBeast. As a bonus tap into our library of Social Media Master videos, articles, newsletters, customer groups, and more.

Try RatingBeast For 30-Days Risk Free

1 Guarantee Seal
If you want to improve your 5-star rating, to bring in new  customers and increase sales and profits, you’ll love  RatingBeast. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll love  RatingBeast that we are offering a 30-Day, no questions  asked, money-back guarantee. Why Not Get Started Today!

“We Like, we Tweet, we Tag, plus we track all the reviews. But, the one tool that makes an actual, substantial difference is Rating Beast.”

“Our communications with customers is more productive and gratifying so it keeps our ratings high, reviews positive, and we rank consistently toward the top. And, we get all this for a fraction of the cost of one whimpy little print ad.”

Owner, 300 seat, bar/restaurant