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"Nothing delivers
your message
like a text message."

How effective is email?

Spam filters and an overwhelmed inbox means only 1 out of 5 emails are opened. And, of those only 1 out of 7 generates a response.

How about Facebook?

Facebook lost its immediacy years ago. Organic reach has dropped to less than 2% which means you have to pay-to-play to reach more fans and at Facebook's pace.

...and other Social Media?

Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and every other Social Media site controls access to your fans, most offer a pay option. The best option - your own Text lists.

...the winner is!

Texts? Opened and read: 98%
Emails? Opened : 20%
Facebook Posts ? Fans Reached : 2%
Twitter Tweets ? Total Seen : 29%


98% of all text messages are opened, 83% with the first three minutes. And, text messages display over the lock screen.

Broadcast Beast - A Feature-Rich Marketing Beast

Your Own Real Phone Number

You get your own real phone number for your customers to use. No 5-digit code to share with 1,000 other accounts. Customers are more comfortable receiving and responding to a real phone number than a 5-digit code. They save it in their personal address book like any other contact.

Any Keyword You Like!

Since your phone number is unique you can use any keyword you like. "Pizza" "Special" "VIP". You don't have to pick from the leftoversof a thousand other companies. Use any keyword you Like! No blackouts!

Unlimited Keywords!

You’re not limited to just one keyword! You don’t have to pay a monthly fee for second keyword, then another, then another. Keywords are a great way to entice new customers and segment your lists as you choose. As many keywords as you like. No limits!

Create Unlimited Lists

Members can join any list based on a keyword but you can further segment lists into new categories and sub-categories for topic-specific broadcasts and more.

Cloud-based Dashboard

Wherever you go your dashboard is accessible from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Our fully-responsive cloud-based platform lets you run an entire campaign anywhere, anytime. No limits.

Automatic Responses

Create a unique auto-response for every keyword; change it at any time via your cloud-based dashboard. Easy and simple tailored messages for each keyword- or by age, gender, tastes or interests.

Even more great features!

Simple,Intuitive Text Broadcasting

From your computer, tablet or phone, it's easy. Select your audience, write your message and hit Send. Add features or schedule it for later. Intuitive and straight forward.

Schedule Broadcasts Whenever

Set it up ahead of time and the scheduler does the rest. Recurring updates can be set up weeks or months in advance or a single message at your convenience.

Add Your Own Subscriber Lists

Transfer your lists from other sources into your account. It's simple and easy to upload and download. Add and send to your lists, provided they are legitimate opt-in numbers.

Auto-Updating Subscriber Lists

Our system automatically nulls out numbers that are no longer in service or have changed - even landlines that wind up on your list are set aside, keeping your list fresh and accurate.

Ready-made Marketing Materials

We have great high-converting marketing materials for you that will entice customers onto your lists. Add your number to table-tents, placards, table signs, posters, and handouts drive pull customers in.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Critical metrics, clear and easy to read. Dashboard shows opt in/out info, graphs, geo location stats, keyword performance stats, and more. Simple and infinitely useful information.

100% Direct Text Messages

Resellers often use inefficient email technology. With our own dedicated gateway we provide services directly to you via your subscriber's carrier so your broadcasts send quickly and error-free.

SSL Security & Privacy

Your information is 100% secure and remains private behind our industry standard SSL encryption secure communications system.

Carrier & CTIA Compliance

We vigorously maintain Carrier and CTIA compliance so you and your customers receive the best service possible. Our audit-guard system reviews disclaimers, opt-in processes and more to help you stay on top of your success.

...and that's not all!

We are constantly upgrading software and hardware, writing new code and testing new features. Check back frequently to see what's new!


91% of USA residents have their cellular device within reach 24-hours each day,7 days per week.

Text Message Marketing - A Competitive Advantage

Ideal for Realtors, Resturants, Retail Stores, Clubs, Bars, Food Trucks,Neighborhood Associations, Churches, Schools, Social Clubs, Pop-up Events, Concerts Promotions, and more.

Text Message Marketing For Resturant

Imagine having your best customers on a VIP list to invite them to special dinners, events, complimentary services. Imagine, your new customers, incentivized to

come back on slow night.Polling your customers to see what they like.Build traffic to your web or Facebook page.


Text Message Marketing For Retailers

Text messages are immediate. Your best customers love deals so you can create a sense of urgency and scarcity to bring them in to enjoy their favorite activity – shopping! Create specific interest lists, by gender, size or taste.


Text Message For Social or Church Groups

Phone trees are notoriously unreliable. Precious volunteer time is better spent on other things. A low-cost system for reaching key groups of people can make a huge difference in group participation and engagement.

Create lists by interests, special projects, gender, age range,donor level. Limited only by your inspiration.

Who else needs this?

Hotels, Clothing & Accessories, Clinics, MDs, Dentists, Florists, General Contractors, Hair Salons, Heating/AC, Independent Insurance Agencies, Veterinarians, Pet Groomers, Photographers, Pizza, Ice Cream Specialty Food, Travel Agencies, Gyms, Spas/Massage, Tattoo, Transportation, and more.

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