Reputation Monitoring Software

Reputation monitoring software was an inevitable outcome of the growing trend among businesses to track and manage their reputations online. A quick Google search for reputation management software turns up turns up 6,140,000 pages of results. It may seem amazing since many businesses have never even heard of the term and most only recently. But,…

Dry Cleaner with a clean online reputation

Reputation Builder vs Reputation Fixers

Reputation builder behavior is more likely found in someone who has the long-view in mind, who doesn’t take short-cuts, is principled, yet secure enough to be flexible when circumstances warrant it. When you think of a reputation fixer what comes to mind is someone who is more likely going to react to circumstances, who doesn’t…

The Importance of Reputation Management for Businesses

How To Fix Your Reputation Checklist

How to Fix Your Reputation: Business Reputation Checklist How to fix your reputation is one of those things that typically comes up only after something terribly wrong had occurred. When it comes to business reputation, there are more companies than you can count that attribute a reliable repeat business or a steady increase in business…